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The Original Muscle Car
We have captured the restoration process on several vehicles over
the years and have published those videos on YouTube
Chrysler 300B

Full Frame-Off Show Quality Restoration
is now in progress

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The underbody is primed and seam sealed.  

The wheel tubs are blacked out, masked off and the
underside is finished.
After priming the entire remainder of the bare metal surfaces of the vehicle
the body panels are sanded, seam sealed and painted on the underside.

While that paint is curing the body exterior is sanded to 400 grit and
masked so the inner and underside can be painted.

With the car still on the rotisserie the lower parts of the
quarters, rockers and door jambs are painted while the vehicle
is still upside down.  

The car is then turned right side up and put back on the cart.
Prior to painting the outside of the body panels the parts of the
underside of the trunk and the hood that had matting from the
factory are sprayed with a texture coat and low luster black.
The rotisserie mount is then removed so the inside of the trunk
compartment can be sanded, seam sealed and painted.
The firewall is prepped for paint and painted.
The remainder of the body is painted and unmasked.
A good look at the body and all of the body panels and the
painting is now complete.